Current Clinical Trials

Auceliciclib | AU 08

Clinical Trial of Auceliciclib in patients with advanced solid tumours – Phase I, Multi-Site, Australia (Protocol: AU08-001-01).

Lead Site: SOCRU, Bedford Park, SA, Australia

Medical Monitor: Dr Paul Wabnitz, MD, PhD, MBA, FRACP

Sponsor: Aucentra Therapeutics

Active Sites: SOCRU, Bedford Park | Sydney South West Private Hospital, Liverpool, NSW | Austin Health, Heidelberg, VIC

Status: Actively Recruiting


Clinical Trial Update | 24.02.2022

Aucentra Therapeutics is pleased to announce that it has received regulatory approval to progress to a Phase 1a/b clinical trial of Auceliciclib (AU3-14) in combination with Temozolomide for recurrent/refractory GBM patients. To read more, click here.