Aucentra collaborates with partners nationally and internationally, to rapidly accelerate the development of novel drug candidates.

We complement our in-house expertise with global academic, clinical and pharmaceutical industry partnerships aimed at advancing our drug candidates and rapidly bringing products to patients.

We are actively seeking new partners to help us take our candidates through formal preclinical testing, clinical trials, manufacturing and marketing. We understand that every partner has different expectations and we take a range of approaches to partnering including licensing, co-development, joint ventures and consulting arrangements.

Partnerships need not be limited to our existing candidate pipeline. Our unique capabilities in target identification, drug design and evaluation in oncology can be aligned to your development strategy through a research collaboration.

If you are interested in expanding your oncology portfolio, contact us today to discuss opportunities to partner with Aucentra.



Aucentra is a privately owned Australian biotech company poised for rapid growth.

Aucentra offers the opportunity for bespoke investment in an exciting Australian entity with outstanding records of success in accelerating the development of cutting-edge science into new therapies. Our flexible model means that you can target your investment into one of our assets, a collection, or our whole portfolio.

If you are interested in transforming cancer treatments across the globe, contact us today to discuss opportunities to invest in Aucentra. 


If you’d like to learn more about Aucentra, please email or phone.

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Lab image photography by Chris Oaten.